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Breathing Better Together


NEVER STOP BREATHING is a movement that works to address, through action and engagement, systemic inequality in healthcare. We venture to help close the gap in the areas of health access and wellness resources. Health equity is a human right and we aim to highlight issues important to the thriving of marginalized people. NSB draws upon the resilience and creativity of individuals, communities and institutions to develop Ideas, Platforms, and Programs (IPPs) for local and global acts that help people flourish. We provide information and engagement platforms for issues and areas of concern with a C.A.R.E approach that aligns ideas and program development, implemented through grassroots cooperation.  Our flagship program is Healthy Churches Now  centers on community leaders and churches affecting the lives of those they serve and interact with.  It's a form of concrete action leading to quality of life and health improvement.


Strength, fortitude, 

ingenuity, and overcoming. This has been the hallmark of our community's existence. As generations go by, we've held fast to our dreams of healing and restoration. While we treasure our capacity to endure, we are mindful to keep striving. NSB is yet another chapter in the book of our lives, as we cling to the torch our ancestors have passed on to us. On this page, you will find a wall of pictures and links to reflect upon. Our stories propel us forward as we work to find innovative ways to uplift communities. We are the change we have been waiting for, and hold the keys to our future.

Our Organization nurtures several programs. One of which is "Healthy Churches Now," The thought process behind the concept of breathing and how it fits into systems of equity and health justice...from water crisis, to food deserts, to lack of health resources and education and issues in between, is giving way to movements and missions to make the world a better place. The NSB organization is built around our C.A.R.E. model of inspiring communities by providing a unique avenue to translate weeping and struggle into a call to action. To live our best lives and rise and challenge the trajectory of weary souls and tired feet; to identify areas of health inequity and develop a platform/action plan(s) to mitigate or eliminate it.

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” —Langston Hughes

The NSB Blog is a space for communal breathing. It fosters and celebrates works of inspiration, creativity, reflection, lament, meditation, and more, surrounding our experiences and realities and how to improve upon them. In this space, we will explore issues connected and correlated to NSB's C.A.R.E. approach and health and wellness. We will share with our readers the poignant thoughts of elders, scholars, clergy, and other thinkers past and present to amplify our triumphs and challenges and breathe better together. 

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