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Healthy Churches Now activates and encourages the influence of the local church community to effectuate change on a grassroots, meaningful level by identifying and examining opportunities in the health and wellness sphere to close gaps of disparities. This is done by designating leadership within the organization to lead an action plan to eliminate inequities and create programs and events to implement stated goals through program development, activities, and awareness campaigns. The NSB team is here to guide you and offer consultation on how to develop wellness programs in said communities. This is in direct alignment with the idea that our person is a

"temple" to serve and create better communities. Knowledge, conversation, and action truly empowers and propels us to be a better version of ourselves.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the guide and action materials.


Agape Pan-Tree is a formed partnership program with various food service organizations to provide nutritious foods to communities experiencing food shortages on account of income or general demographic economic distress. Our partners include community and food pantry's and those that serve the necessities and food to those that are homeless. Providers distribute door to door, at a designated area, or from their facilities. The outcome is not only more meals on the table, but also exposure to healthy options, and are organic as much as possible. This emphasis on proper nutrition, as backed by science, lends to a better sense of a person's well being that is often lacking as we embrace a processed, nutrient depleted food culture. 

Packing Food
Family At Church
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