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This page contains infomation, resources, and articles about Our Lives...human interest pieces and articles about the collective health of our community. Simply click on the picture to read.

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Image by Taylor Wright

Maternal mortality rate for Black mothers is disparate

Grandma's Healing Touch

Grandparents role in developing healthy habits


Religion & Global Health Forum launched

Black lives and the global church response


Henrietta Lacks: the Mother of Modern Medicine

Urban gardening making a difference

Black youth can take free trips to Africa through this program

Image by Marquise Kamanke

ADAA: Resources for Mental Health


"Young" Africa treasures the elderly

Technology and student health

African experts urge special focus on agriculture in post-COVID recovery

Laughing found to be good for overall health

The impact of unequal access to healthy foods


Physicians training as "healers"


The joy of fatherhood celebrated on social media

California initiates Project Roomkey to shelter 14,000 homeless

Children need to move during a pandemic

Benefits of spices and herbs


Connection between art and health

Happy Senior Couple

Seniors in the US vs. rest of the world more likely to live alone


Faith and caring with caution

Dr A.C. Jackson

In memory of Dr. A.C. Jackson, dedicated Physician, Tulsa, Oklahoma's Greenwood District (Black Wall Street)

Black Farmers

Black Farmers struggle to keep afloat

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