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  • By Lumnwi Ngwa

A Juneteenth Reflection: You Deserve to Breathe

You deserve every good thing in life...Yes, you do

Every natural element placed on this earth for thriving

Clean air, basking in the sunshine, playing at the beaches

Quality education and imparting of wisdom

Picking flowers in springtime and a walk in the park

Family get togethers and a restful Sabbath

Appreciating the skin you’re in and loving yourself

Beholding the wonder of your reflection that was made in God’s image

Celebrating the milestones

An equal chance to achieve the milestones

Dancing under the stars or simply looking up at them

The strength of your ancestors to carry you through

The will of God to form your future

Community friendship and support

Confidence that your children are cared for by the community village

Smiles and help from strangers

To entertain angels unaware

Respect, kindness and fairness

The right to be accepted wherever you live

Health and prosperity of the soul

The watchful eye of God upon you and all you hold dear

Believe it, embrace it, and breathe in the truth that you deserve it


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